Work Rules!

Un vistazo a lo que hace trabajar en Google algo tan especial!

Work Rules! (2015) nos lleva a conocer la forma en que trabaja el capital humano de Google, una de las empresas mas exitosas y poderosas del mundo. Bock nos comparte de forma precisa cómo Google puede ser uno de los empleadores más deseables año tras año.

Todo sabe que trabajar en Google es un trabajo de ensueño. No solo por las opciones a adquirir acciones o porque ha sido seleccionado como uno de los mejores trabajos para trabajar en el mundo, tantas veces.

Es mucho más que eso.

A guide to hiring virtual assistant services

Why and when should you use virtual assistants

People think that the reason to hire new a Virtual Assistant (VA) is to free-up time. That is so wrong! The reasoning behind this is that it will cost less to pay someone to do a task than do it yourself, because the cost of an hour of your time is greatly superior than what you would pay your VA.

I disagree with this reasoning, because it will lead you to hire the cheapest help you can find and limit the growth of your business. Rather than helping, 

Your Implicit Brain vs your Explicit Brain

When we are under pressure and don’t want to fail, our brains make us act cautiously and deliberately.

Imagine you’re at a party, holding a glass of red wine filled to the brim. To your horror, you realize that to greet the host you have to cross an extremely expensive white carpet. So what do you do? Probably, you’ll slow down and focus on each and every step. But why?

It’s important to understand that the brain is made up of two systems:

The first is called the explicit brain system.

Cómo diseñar tu vacante para atraer el mejor talento

Uno de los elementos clave en Connovo es lograr encontrar a las mejores personas para que formen parte del equipo de nuestras empresas. Especialmente en el rol de Co-Fundadores.

La trampa es que la persona más brillante no siempre es la persona más adecuada para la posición.

Ademas, los gerentes también cometen errores que suceden cuando:

  • No se tiene una clara idea de que es el trabajo a realizar.
  • No hay una fuente solida de talento.
  • No se cuentan con las herramientas para elegir candidatos que parecen similares.

The 4 Hour Customer Insight Hack

Design a better best selling product with only 5% of the effort.

In Business Innovation School, we get taught that in order to get great customer insights, we need to talk with tons of people, sometime spending thousands of hours and cash. While this is a great way to increase your probabilities of success, it is heavy on time and resources.

Last year while re-visiting one of Tim Ferris talks on Creative Live, I realized that you can use the same process he uses to design his wildly popular bestsellers, like “The 4-Hour Chef” and apply it to any other product.

3 Book Summaries for Social Entrepreneurs

I’ve shared 3 book summaries on In contrast of the usual summaries shared at, focused on business innovation, this are meant to be for aspiring Social Entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to learn more about the topic:

– Social Entrepreneurship: What everyone needs to know:
Social entrepreneurs do what they love and love what they do – changing the world for the better.

– Creating a World Without Poverty (summary)
Social Business and the Future of Capitalism Social business has no profit motive at all.

Puebla: What I’ve been up to (Sep 5)

I’m on my way to México City and then Puebla. I want to visit a couple of designer friends. Carmina from TocToc, Esteban and Sylwia from Cazuela. Besides being designers, they all teach at local universities, so that should be fun.

Hopefully, I’ll manage to get into Puebla DataUp (because I didn’t secure my ticket on time).

On my way back, I’ll try to Rendeveouz with Miguel Melgarejo, also from TocToc and Fuera de Contexto. More importantly, he is Cirklo’s most recent acquisition.