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How to Create a Vision for Change

vision for change

Every successful of scale change that I have seen has a part of it a change vision.

Why Even Design a Change Vision

Every successful of scale change that I have seen has a part of it a change vision.

If you are part of an organization that is trying to drive a large change, whether that’s implementing a new IT system or moving to a new go-to-market strategy, you need to have a change vision. This is a picture for people of what the organization will look like after they have made significant changes, and it also shows them the opportunities they can take advantage of once they do that. It serves to motivate people, and it’s essential to any successful change you’re trying to make.

That means is a picture of after we have made the changes on whatever dimensions this is what we’re going to look like. If we look like that we’re going to be able to exploit, grab, take advantage of some bigger opportunities. This are opportunities are a function of changes that are happening in this increasingly fast-moving world.

The dimensions upon which a change vision could talk whether it’s about the processes we use — or it is touching the kind of people we have or it’s about the technology it can vary all over the place. Depending upon the nature of the change you think you need to make to take advantage of some big opportunity.

What makes a great change vision

A great change vision is something that is

  • easy for people to understand,
  • both intellectually solid but it has emotional appeal,
  • communicated in seconds,
  • can be understood by the broad range of people, and
  • it can be written usually in a half page,

That are ultimately going to have to change and that could be a secretary or an executive it could be somebody from Germany or the United States. This makes it easy to communicate and to communicate in a way that people will get it if you will.

And will if you do it right buy into it that is not necessarily the same thing as a kind of corporate vision. This latter is where you think you need to look out there on some fundamental dimensions to make you prosper. It’s not about one specific large-scale change. It’s about the future. And often but not always that picture is about timeless values or principles.

Timeless behaviour that makes organizations succeed increasingly. For example, one dimension of that timeless behavior is the embracing of chang itself. That could be an aspect of the way you are right now. And it could be a part of the vision that you say we’ve got to be like that in 10 years. Even though we’re going to for example hire thousands of people who aren’t like that. Or even though we are going to be operating in different countries where the national cultures aren’t much like that.


That is our vision still we will still maintain somehow this capacity and behavior that we have right now for embracing change. But that talks in the broadest sense about the company. It does not necessarily about one large-scale change in IT or in go-to-market strategy or whatever. They have to be aligned obviously if one is kind of going in this direction and one is going in this direction it doesn’t work.

They’re different and they’re both very, very important for you.

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