Just Be Cause – Ah Ha Moments to Inspire the Next Generation of Change Makers

“Reject only your ignorance, and you may survive”
— Cheshire Cat

I just finished reading a book edited by Syreeta Gates. In her book, “Just Be Cause” she  has collected a series of seasoned social entrepreneurs that share their personal experience and carefully crafted stories.

Why I loved Just Be Cause?

In the verge of the “Millennial Take-Over” of the entrepreneurship world, this book provides great inspiration for those who are still struggling to understand what social entrepreneurship is and see that change making is not only possible but quite fulfilling.

Even a not-that-young entrepreneur like myself can find some great advice and insightful stories from seasoned social entrepreneurs.

You will find stories from thirteen social entrepreneurs working in all industries that will make you reflect on your personal impact and motivate you to take action to make change, whatever your age and your professional background.

For example, you will find insightful knowledge shared by Mariza Alarcón from The Future Project, an Organization that is transforming high schools all over across US.

Mark Babbit, that has guided students to find their perfect internship and better career opportunities with YouTern.

And Invisible Children’s own Sean Carasso!

You can get your copy from Amazon or Direct PDF download! (I don’t profit from your purchase)

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