Aprende mindfulness y acelera tu desarrollo personal.

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Aprende Mindfulness y Desarrollo Personal

Los miembros de nuestra comunidad reciben las mejores técnicas para desarollar mindfulness, acelerar su desarrollo humano y mejorar su calidad de vida.

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Acelera tu Desarrollo Personal

  • Aprende como crear hábitos inteligentes y mindfulness.
  • Define tu propósito y desarrolla tú potencial.
  • Diseña la vida que quieres y toma control.

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9 Lessons from Richard Branson

lessons from richard branson

This are the 9 lessons that Richard Branson shares on his short book Screw it, Lets do it! highly recommended and you will finish it in no time. plus its less than 4 dollars. That is less than a Starbucks coffee and you will get lifelong lessons!

Just Do It

Believe It Can Be Done Have Goals
Live Life to the Full
Never Give up
Prepare Well
Have Faith in Yourself
Help Each Other

Have Fun

Have Fun, Work Hard and Money Will Come
Don’t Waste Time, Grab Your Chances
Have a Positive Outlook on Life
when It’s Not Fun, Move on.

Be Bold

Calculate Risks, and Take Them
Believe in Yourself
Chase Your Dreams and Goals
Have No Regrets
Keep Your Word

Challenge Yourself

Aim High
Try New Things
Always Try
Challenge Yourself

Stand on Your Own Feet

Rely on Yourself
Chase Your Dreams but Live in the Real World
Work Together

Live the Moment

Love Life and Live It to the Full
Enjoy Each Moment
Reflect on Your Life
Make Every Second Count
Don’t Have Regrets

Value Family and Friends

Put Family and the Team First
Be Loyal
Face Problems Head on
Money Is for Making Things Happen
Pick the Right People and Reward Talent

Have Respect

Be Polite and Respectful
Do the Right Thing
Keep Your Good Name
Be Fair in All Your Dealings

Do Some Good

Change the World, Even if in a Small Way
Make a Difference and Help Others
Do No Harm
Always Think What You Can Do to Help

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