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Puebla: What I’ve been up to (Sep 5)

Museo del Amparo - Terraza

I’m on my way to México City and then Puebla. I want to visit a couple of designer friends. Carmina from TocToc, Esteban and Sylwia from Cazuela. Besides being designers, they all teach at local universities, so that should be fun.

Hopefully, I’ll manage to get into Puebla DataUp (because I didn’t secure my ticket on time).

On my way back, I’ll try to Rendeveouz with Miguel Melgarejo, also from TocToc and Fuera de Contexto. More importantly, he is Cirklo’s most recent acquisition. If I liked Cirklo’s work, I’m sure it will be more interesting from now on.


I went to holla Luis Alvarez, from El Narval. They work on civic innovation at street level. And I really mean street level. They help neighbours organize and empower themselves to make a city a better place, one block a time.

El Narval has matured their process, but more importantly, their civic innovation and particpation tools. Hopefully, by next year they will have a complete toolkit to help anyone learn how to organize and improve their community.

If you are interested in Neighbour Lead Civic Innovation, add yourself to the Civic Hacking FB Group and sign up to the newsletter, and check out the civic innovation (spanish) at impacto social.


This is what I’ve wrote this week, so far:


I started using Ulysses for my writing. And you won’t believe the increase in my productivity.
It uses markdown syntax, which simplifies the entire structuring process, and then you can export to html, pdf, txt or even epub. You can decide how simple you want your experience.

Get a copy at www.ulyssesapp.com

Ulyssess App Ulysses App


Last month, I’ve retaking the habit of listening to podcasts. This three have caught my attention.

Disruptivo: Covering disruptive businesses in México and Latinamerica

Alberto Gomez Tello: Conversations with the creative class. This week’s conversation was with Andres Oliveros from Astrolab

Fuera de Contexto Design conversations with Miguel Melgarejo and Jose de la O.


How to Study Public Life: How do we accommodate a growing urban population in a way that is sustainable, equitable, and inviting Luis Alvarez, recommended this book, I’ve already in my iPad but to be honest haven’t started reading it

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