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Aprende Mindfulness y Desarrollo Personal

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What I’ve been up to (Aug 31)

.After Paris, I moved to Spain for a few months (bilbao and barcelona). For the last three months I’ve in-between cities in México. Mostly Mexico City, and Monterrey with a brief detour to Leon and guanajuato. Puebla, coming up next.

I’ve lost my third iPhone this year so screw it. I printed one and that will be my phone for the rest of the year. I never use simcards anyway.


For the most part of the year we have been working on Connovo Social Business Builder / Developer. We have planned the launch of one company by Q4 2014. Naya Jeevan, Microinsurance for urban poor.

We have also launched ImpactoSocial.co a site with news and resources for social entrepreneurs in Latinamerica. New resources will be added weekly. If you are interested, remember to like the fb page to get updates.

We started using Slack for team communication. A great recommendation of Mike Ramirez, CEO of Talentia/


Speaking of which, here is a nice list of top books for social entrepreneurs.

I was speaking with Lea Vasa from La Ruche, she is working with the the 10em Arrondissement in Paris. She wanted to learn how was our experience so far with replicating social businesses. So I wrote this post for her and La Ruche Folk: Four Lessons on Replicating Social Business.


I spoke with Alberto Saenz from funkalab about the differences between social business, social innovation and non profit models. Also my personal proces to learn anything. You listen to the podcast here. (spanish)


Responsive Web Design:

For a few weeks now, I’ve been learning Responsive Web design, from all the books and courses I’ve taken the most useful have been designcode.io a book and community by my new buddy Meng To. It’s oriented towards design and development of mobile apps but it has a lot to teach for Digital UI/UX. Treehouse courses have been quite useful too.


I’ve started reading a) Rayuela, in it’s normal order and b) Shadow of Young Girls in Flower by Proust.



I finished it, they made a great work integrating interaction patterns from several games. Don’t expect much of the story. thou.


After postponing it, I’ve started GTA V. You can immediately notice the amount of love and dedication invested in this game. The level of detail in the design of every inch of the world is amazing.  A good story as well. What I can’t handle is all the extrapolation of “trash culture” which is pervasive in all the game.

I can’t play it for more than 30-45 min at a time before I get tired of all the swag/gansta’ ambiance. You can also notice a really smart move, by dividing what used to the evolution of a single character into three different personas.

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